Marcey's second book!


With book # 2 out, Marcey is feeling like a “real” author!

What else?  we are Happyy!

How’s this look?

second thoughts

What if that phrase, second thoughts, meant something different? Instead of "I'm having second thoughts" meaning "I no longer want to do that" - what if it meant "my next wave of thoughts is even better than the first one! I not only still want to do tha, I really really want to do that!"

Maybe I am having second thoughts about writing and publishing some of my thoughts! 

Now I'm thinking about love.

Lily really does love Jerry.

Marcey's first book, in her hands!

Marcey Shapiro MD with her first book.

Ok, the book came out months ago, but I've been busy figuring out moving our web stuff from mobile me and iWeb!

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